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fundraising ideas for students
fundraising ideas for students
fundraising ideas for students
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From the popular saying, " You haven't seen the power of a cyclone till you've seen the calm at the eye."

Each catastrophe and pandemic acts as an unwelcome companion, bringing significant losses to human lives and diminishing the standards of living for people annually.

So, Social destruction is natural & unpredictable, there cannot be any equivalent measures taken against nature to safeguard us, all we can do is prepare ourselves for emergency situation as per the guidelines of Govt.

Geo fact:

In 2022, approximately 2.5 million internal displacements occurred in India due to natural disasters, with a particular emphasis on severe floods and cyclones, as reported by the Geneva-based Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre.

The impact of recent destruction:

fundraising ideas for students
fundraising ideas for students
fundraising ideas for students

As per the reports obtained from World Health Organization, India has a confirmed COVID case of 45,001,384 till October 2023 & deaths of 5,33,294 people due to COVID. From this report, we can understand that many people have been affected personally and officially due to poor health. It may be a father / brother / sister of the house who was affected by Covid, but they could be a sole earner in their family which would impact the entire family economic condition and peace.

Many children have lost their parents during this covid, and we have witnessed many children were taken care of by trust for their shelter and education.

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Natural Disasters :

India, as we are aware, faces a high risk of floods. Each year, an average of 7.5 million hectares of land is affected. The damage caused to crops, homes, and public services amounts to Rs. 1805 crores annually due to floods. Natural disasters have killed 45,91,768 Indians since 1900. As per the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), floods rank among the most common and lethal natural disasters in India. On an average yearly basis, around 1,600 lives are lost due to floods.

Many associations & people are taking initiatives to support social relief through donations, but again there is lack of visibility and access to those websites or pooling!

But what about people who have stucked and pulled down by the cruelty of disasters?

fundraising ideas for students
fundraising ideas for students
fundraising ideas for students

Wont they need a helping hand?

They definitely need strong hands and a louder voice to echoes their pain to the world – the genuine social relief platform to support and there was the arrival of Pephands social relief donation platform to recognize the tears and sorrows of the people and bring back their lost peace in life.

Pephands social relief donation platform is exclusively for the poor and shattered people due to natural disasters, pandemic, endemic & other accidental disasters. Pephands understand the language of pain that often goes unheard. As a dedicated social relief donation platform, we serve as an advocate for the poor, giving them a voice that echoes their struggles and a helping hand that mends their broken peace

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