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fundraising ideas for students
fundraising ideas for students
fundraising ideas for students
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Medical Emergencies

The uninvited guest

The constant threat of medical expenses looms over everyone, especially those in the middle-income bracket. A single unexpected medical cost can deplete an entire family's lifelong savings.

But have you ever wondered!

Why do many people hesitate to opt for medical insurance?

How many insured individuals benefit from their policies?

The insights have revealed some core reasons behind people's reluctance to embrace medical insurance:

  • High premiums that strain already tight family budgets
  • Lack of comprehensive coverage for all medical conditions
  • Uncertainty regarding successful claims
  • Limited understanding of insurance products

Additionally, despite having medical insurance, people still face the following top reasons for claim rejections:

  • 36% fail to adhere to policy terms and conditions.
  • 19% leave insurer queries unanswered.
  • 15% don't fulfil the waiting period requirements.

Save the Lives

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Medical Fundraising platform

fundraising ideas for students
fundraising ideas for students
fundraising ideas for students

This raised a critical question for Pephands: How can we assist people during times of medical crisis, ensuring they receive the financial support they need for accidents or unforeseen medical emergencies? This question sparked the creation of Pephands #1 medical donation platform in India. In a world where healthcare challenges can feel overwhelming, children stand as a symbol of compassion, connection, and transformation.

We are not merely a donation company; we are the bridge to brighter futures, the guiding light for those facing medical adversity, and a testament to the unyielding spirit of humanity.

Medical donation has become a vital necessity in India, gaining significant popularity in recent years. It serves as a lifeline for individuals and families seeking financial assistance for various medical expenses, including severe illnesses, surgeries, organ transplants, and unforeseen medical crises.

Hands created to help!

fundraising ideas for students
fundraising ideas for students
fundraising ideas for students

At Pephands, we are dedicated to supporting those grappling with the high costs of healthcare through medical campaigns. We are available 24/7, ready to assist you during your medical emergencies and times of need.

We collect case details and act swiftly, launching medical campaigns with a strong call for action rooted in our values.

To learn more about our services and how our campaigns work, please visit our contact page and explore the other sections on our website. Join us in making a difference through medical campaigns with #Pephands.

We make sure our availability through all social media platforms and a personalized website Be convenient to connect us at any time of emergency.

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