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fundraising ideas for students
fundraising ideas for students
fundraising ideas for students
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A microscopic look with India’s education

India, home to a staggering 444 million children, boasts one of the world's largest child and adolescent populations.

Increasing School Dropouts of Poverty!

However, every year, a significant number of students discontinue their education within the country. Data compiled by the school education department during the ongoing survey of dropout children reveals that over 1.3 lakh children have abandoned their educational journey across the state. This comprehensive survey, encompassing students up to 18 years of age, engaged the participation of 34,232 teachers, who surveyed a total of 4,04,088 students. Among this group, 1,38,821 were found to be currently not attending school, while 9,175 were successfully re-enrolled in educational institutions as a result of the survey.

The survey identifies districts such asSalem, Tiruvallur, Tiruvannamalai, Krishnagiri, and Kanniyakumari as experiencing notably high dropout rates. Officials from the school education department report that a significant number of children discontinue their education after completing Class 10. Various factors contribute to this trend, including:

  • Poverty
  • Challenges related to malnutrition
  • Engagement in child labor
  • Unsuccessful attempts at passing the 10th grade
  • Migration and the economic challenges stemming from the COVID crisis
  • These dropouts not only hinder their own economic and social well-being but also contribute to a decline in the nation's literacy rate and the fostering of a less innovative environment.

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    The Rise in School Dropouts: Unravelling the Causes

    fundraising ideas for students
    fundraising ideas for students
    fundraising ideas for students

    The primary reason for school dropouts is often an unexpected downturn in economic conditions. A careful analysis of statistical data reveals that students frequently become engaged in household chores due to family financial constraints, which emerges as a major driver for discontinuing their education.

    India's literacy rate, as per the latest census data, stands at 77%, with a male literacy rate of 84.40% and a female literacy rate of 71.50%.

    Pephands, educational donation platform an earth-centred non-profit organisation, is steadfastly committed to advancing students' education and bridging the gap between education and financial constraints.

    Serving as India's premier educational donation platform, Pephands offers support for students at all levels of education, from primary to secondary and graduation. Our platform is accessible around the clock, ready to receive requests for educational funding.

    Pephands, educational donation platform

    fundraising ideas for students
    fundraising ideas for students
    fundraising ideas for students

    At Pephands, we initiate educational campaigns to raise funds for:

  • Impoverished students who face barriers to continuing their education due to poverty, parental illness, or the loss of guardians
  • Teachers, associations, and organisations aiming to raise funds for student education and welfare activities
  • The procurement of study materials like books, notebooks, lab supplies, computers, and other classroom equipment for education
  • Upon receiving your request, we create transparent educational donation campaigns designed to attract funding from compassionate individuals, recognized associations, and communities within your reach.

    The Pephands donation platform offers the simplest and most trusted avenue for raising funds to support education's noble cause, ensuring a brighter future for children and communities alike. We stand as your unwavering support, lifting you towards a better future!

    Guided by Albert Einstein's words, "Education is not the learning of f acts but the training of the mind to think," we firmly believe in nurturing our students' potential, inspiring them to reach the heights of Abdul Kalam, Nelson Mandela, and Kalpana Chawla through our educational campaigns & educational donation platform.

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