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"There's always hope beyond what you see"

As per the powerful wording, Pephands cancer donation platform strives hard to protect the lives of cancer patients in India, which is prone to timely medical treatments, with the hopes of generosity!

Why are cancer and cancer costs deadly?

As per medical data, there are more than 100 types of cancer in the world, but the most common types of cancer faced by people are Lung, Oral, Cervical, Breast, and Stomach cancer.

In our modern era of science and medicine, despite the constant emergence of new cancer types, our healthcare system operates effectively in providing treatment for these life-threatening illnesses. Some widely recognized cancer treatments include

  • Immunotheraphy
  • Chemotheraphy
  • Surgical treatment and
  • Radiotheraphy
  • As per the top medical records we collected, the costs for cancer treatment are as follows:

  • The minimum price for cancer treatment in India starts at INR 90,000.
  • The average cost of cancer treatment in India is INR 5,00,000.
  • The maximum charge for cancer treatment in India is up to INR Rs. 27,50,000.
  • However, the cost may differ depending on various factors, such as admission fees, oncologist fees, age and medical condition of the patient, admission room, and lab test (ECG, X-ray, and MRI) fees.

    Why is India vulnerable to cancer?

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    India ranks 3rd after China and the USA in the highest cancer cases, as per GLOBOCAN. As per the ICMR report, India’s cancer burden is expected to rise to 29.8 million in 2025.

    In India, approximately 1 in 9 individuals experience cancer during their lifetime. While initially, the high prevalence of cancer was attributed to factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, or drug use, today.

    The disease is increasingly linked to the consumption of artificially colored foods, poor-quality local store produce, and vegetables cultivated in proximity to industrial waterways. Additionally, the consumption of packaged or preserved foods, along with various other unhealthy dietary practices, has contributed to the rise of this life-threatening illness.

    If we can take a deeper look, this is partially due to the unaffordability of time, cost, and energy to obtain a quality, healthy diet. These people are more vulnerable to this deadly disease, especially in economic and monetary forums.

    How an average middle-class individual can face the unexpected cost of cancer is a million-dollar question.

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    People belonging to middle-income groups typically rely on careful budgeting, as they must address not only their own basic needs but also those of larger family units on a single income. A substantial medical expense has the potential to disrupt a person's everyday life, impacting their educational pursuits, overall well-being, and even their housing situation.

    Moreover, these individuals often find it challenging to accommodate high insurance premiums within their monthly budgets and consequently limit their lifestyle choices to avoid unexpected financial burdens.

    In our country, there are numerous insurance plans available, but determining who may require coverage and when remains a formidable challenge. Regrettably, nearly 40% of individuals are unable to benefit from insurance plans due to a lack of proper guidance or the presence of insurance policies and schemes that do not align with their specific medical needs and circumstances.

    Pephands Cancer Donation Platform

    There are instances when individuals may deplete their savings or exhaust their insurance coverage while covering the complete cost of cancer treatment. In response, Pephands has launched an exclusive cancer donation platform designed to assist you in raising funds through a cancer donation campaign. We recognize that during challenging times, individuals facing such hardships may find it difficult to directly approach everyone for financial assistance. Through our Pephands cancer donation platform, we organize cancer treatment campaigns for cancer patients to appeal to contributions from their community, friends, and relatives. We firmly believe that Pephands serves as a channel through which compassionate individuals step forward to aid those in need. By utilizing our platform, we facilitate the sharing of your treatment expenses with individuals who are willing to support you, providing a conduit through which funds from donors, regardless of their location, can flow to you during times of emergency.

    Share the awareness!

    Importantly through the Pephands donation platform, individuals have the opportunity to contribute to cancer fundraising & covering cancer treatment cost for patients. Many individuals lack extensive knowledge about cancer, and by utilizing a platform like this for fundraising, they can not only raise funds but also gain insights into the disease and discover ways to support those affected by it.

    Whether you are personally dealing with cancer or are connected to someone fighting this battle, the Pephands cancer fundraising platform offers a valuable resource to make a positive impact on lives.

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