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Crowdfunding in India
Crowdfunding in India
Crowdfunding in India


We all may have ensured our personal health, our parent’s health, and the health of our friends, relatives, and people around us!

But have we included everyone in the biome?

We have left a soul who has been a love to us in childhood, a caring friend in our adolescence, and a loyal partner for our home!

Every home cannot afford a car, but no home is without pets. We all love pets, but we forget to care for them with equal love and time when it comes to their health and prevalence in society!

We human species have occupied and utilized the fullest living space on earth, but what about the animals around us? It is our duty to equally support their survival and existence with us!

You love animals, but are you not sure how to help them?

Crowdfunding in India
Crowdfunding in India
Crowdfunding in India

Here, we have the Pephands Animal Welfare Team.

An animal welfare donation platform for the animals around us, it may be for dogs, cats, cows, or any domestic animals and their welfare, we support you with our animal welfare campaigns. Whether it be for their food, survival, medical needs, or rescue, we provide services for all types of animal welfare funding!

Domestic animal welfare campaigns

An animal that is friendly enough to play with you and protect you is now questioned for its survival. In recent days, we have found an increase in stray dog issues and their effects on society. This is due to the improper measures taken for domestic animals in the past, and now it is being reflected in the present.

Why should we care for animal welfare?

Many of us feel we have more commitment to humans, and why do I care about animals?

But do you know that without animals, there won't be balance in the ecological system? Animal welfare is closely related to human health. Ensuring that animals are free from disease and stress can help prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases, which can be transmitted from animals to humans.

Save the Voiceless

View the campaigns and start supporting animals

Some of the followings are:

Crowdfunding in India
Crowdfunding in India
Crowdfunding in India

Let us take a call before the alarm strikes!

  • You can raise funds for animal welfare campaigns for injured animals that require immediate medical attention.
  • You can raise money for animal welfare protection campaigns to rescue abandoned or stray dogs and fund their treatment.
  • You can raise funds for animal welfare shelter campaigns for isolated or abandoned animals.
  • You can raise funds for animal welfare food campaigns for their timely quality care and good food.
  • Cargo animal welfare campaigns

    There are horses and oxen who are used to pulling loads, and there are some injuries that may affect their entire health badly, such as malnutrition, parasitic disease, and arthritis. You can raise animal survival welfare campaigns for these cargo animals to help their routine lives.

    Poultry animal welfare campaigns

    There are cow poultries for producing milk, and as we all know, cows need to be healthy to produce nutritious milk. You may utilize our Pephands animal welfare donation platform if you find any of your poultry animals need medical attention.

    These Pephands animal welfare campaigns can help and prevent animals healthy survival through our collective efforts and love!

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